Important Information About This Site

Nominet "Right of Registration" .uk domain release

This website has been created just to make it easy for members of the public to attempt registration of .uk domains that are being released by Nominet UK in the first week of July 2019. It is not for general domain name registrations
This website only connects to the Nominet service that is used for the release of the .uk domains from 1st July to 5th July. It therefore cannot be used outside these times. Here is the full release schedule.

The final release list will  be published on the 26th  June. ​

The release schedule is as follows:

1st July 2pm - Batch 1: Domains beginning 0-9, a-b

2nd July 2pm - Batch 2: Domains beginning c-f

3rd July 2pm - Batch 3: Domains beginning g-m

4th July 2pm - Batch 4: Domains beginning n-s

5th July 2pm - Batch 5: Domains beginning t-z

On the second day, all the domains released on the first day will still be avallable to search and register here, and so on for each day. Therefore on the 5th July, all the RoR domains will be available to register via our search box, if they are still unregistered.

Domains that are released in batches 1-5 (1st – 5th July) will become generally available through the standard .UK EPP connection one week later (8th – 12th July) at or after 14.00 BST. Batch 2 on 9th July, batch 3 on 10th July etc. Please visit our main website for regular domain purchases starting at just GBP3.99+VAT per year.

Full details including FAQ can be found on the Nominet website here.